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Accueil examinations

Foreign Language Competence for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries

accueil was created within the framework of a European project supported by the LEONARDO vocational training programme of the European Commission and the Swiss Federal Ministry of Education and Science. Coordinated the International Certificate Conference (ICC) - the international language association, Hamburg, institutions from seven European countries set out to define common standards for foreign language competence in the hospitality and tourism industries. The result of this co-operation is an examination system whose main features are:

  • a suite of accueil examinations in English, French and German.
  • close-to-life accueil testing of exclusively occupationally relevant language use.
  • a flexible, modular accueil system which allows further developments based on the specific, occupational needs of the hospitality and tourism industries.
  • accueil test modules are related to the scales of competence defined in the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe.
  • the accueil certificate testifies to the successful candidate's language skills in terms of 'can do' statements.
  • dates of examinations can be determined individually by accueil Test Centres.


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