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European Vocational Online Language Teaching and Vocational Online Language Learning via a Virtual Learning Environment 2005-2007. For more information about the project, its partners and its developments check the attached files at the bottom of this page.


One of the major aims of the EUROVOLT via VLE project was to familiarise language teachers/trainers and learners with virtual learning environments to such an extent that they feel comfortable adopting them and proficient in their everyday use and to develop a teacher training framework based on the quality standards of the existing ICC EUROLTA Teacher Training Framework. The newly developed EUROLTA-EUROVOLT Teacher Training Framework contains guidelines for educational institutions and training teachers who want to become proficient in the use of the new media in vocationally oriented language teaching.

The EUROVOLT project and Internet site was funded with support from the European Commission, Leonardo-da-Vinci, and the project partners. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

Download this file (EUROLTA_EUROVOLT_FrameworkV02rev.pdf)EUROLTA_EUROVOLT_FrameworkV02rev.pdf[EUROLTA - EUROVOLT Teacher Training Framework]271 kB
Download this file (EUROVOLT_project_1740_en.pdf)EUROVOLT_project_1740_en.pdf[]68 kB
Download this file (Review - Survey on Benefits of eLearningV02.pdf)Review - Survey on Benefits of eLearningV02.pdf[The Use of Technology in Education]294 kB


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