Call for papers: Alien in LSP Classroom

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

The Institute of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic has issued a call for papers on the role of the LSP teacher. We hope to collect papers by LSP practitioners that will make up an international publication providing a guidance for other LSP instructors and enlightening them in their uneasy pedagogical efforts.

Detailed information can be found at the institute’s website:

Do you feel like a legal alien rather than a teacher? Do you find yourself hitting a brick wall of unfamiliar mindsets, different learning skills or strange languages? Do you spend ages puzzling about how to teach something you do not properly understand?

We all do.

Alien in LSP Classroom

Language for Special Purposes has been an area of interest for nearly half a century enticing a wide range of conferences and research publications. There is no doubt that university students’ employability depends on their communication skills including speaking a foreign language. Demand for such graduates has been reflected in offering foreign language courses in the students’ content area. As such, LSP has been utterly student-centered. The core of LSP studies is formed by a focus on student needs, on the  situational analysis of their future career, on functional vocabulary and discipline-specific communication skills. Little attention has been paid to the role of the LSP instructor. LSP teachers have to learn skills and strategies universities or training modules have not specifically prepared them for. Also, they have to develop skills in students that go beyond a  standard textbook. Tackling the challenge of teaching engineers, lawyers or physicians is a time- and energy-consuming endeavor.

We would like to honor the LSP instructors’ professional and personal investment by a publication spreading their own experience and informing other LSP practitioners about their successful practices. Thus we invite papers on the roles of LSP teachers in tertiary education encompassing the following topics:

  • Curriculum developments, where there are usually very few guidelines, composing one’s own materials, and tailoring course design.
  • Instructors retraining themselves and finding out and staying in touch with the demands of the target discipline.
  • Reflection of student’s needs and employers’ requirements.
  • Teaching discipline-specific cultural competencies (including specific corpora) when the instructor is a linguist outside of the target discipline.
  • Developing active and self-evaluative learners as most of their future language learning will be done by themselves.
  • Community-based learning, cooperation with experts, project-based learning while approximating the real-world workplace.
  • Use of any technologies mediating the teacher-student relationship.

Dates and deadlines

Submission:Full papers should be sent to the contact address by 31 July 2019.

or refusal:
Email of acceptance or refusal will be sent by 31 August 2019.
Contact: Mgr. Martina Vránová, Ph.D.
Publisher: We intend to publish the volume with a major international publishing house (e.g. Peter Lang, Cambridge Scholars). Further information will be posted later.