Calling all teachers, teacher educators and headteachers!!

Are you a language teacher, a subject teacher or a headteacher who would like to better understand what language learning environments are?

Would you like to create, individually or perhaps in collaboration with your colleagues, an environment where languages are at the very heart of learning and teaching in your school or classroom?

Are you looking for inspiring practices from experienced schools?

Are you a teacher educator looking for ways to develop teachers’ professional skills in this area while exploring a holistic approach to languages?

If so, this new open-access resource website, developed in English, French and German through expert cooperation in the field of language education across geographic Europe and beyond, is most definitely for you. All the tools have been tested by partner schools involved in the EOL project between 2016 and 2019.

Learning environments
where modern languages flourish

Click on the links below to go directly to the different resources:

EOL matrix – a dynamic tool to create a language friendly learning environment in schools

Moodle online professional development course

Examples from EOL partner schools which can easily be transferred to other contexts

Research within EOL