CEFR-QualiMatrix: A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

Are you a teacher or teacher educator looking to develop your knowledge of the CEFR to integrate planning, teaching and assessment?

Are you a curriculum developer interested in engaging in curriculum renewal supported by the CEFR vision of teaching and learning?

Are you a manager, a principal or an administrator who would like to become familiar with quality assurance procedures and tools that can facilitate and support effective pedagogical practices?

Are you a decision maker responsible for language policy and education looking for inspiring examples of curriculum innovation?

If so, this new open-access resource website, developed through expert cooperation in the field of language education across geographic Europe and beyond, is definitely for you:

A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

Click on the links below to go directly to the different resources:

An interactive matrix for self-evaluation and online tutorials

A database with examples of promising practices

CEFR-related quality principles in language education

A collection of resources for planning, teaching and assessment