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Language Testing and Migration: Integration Exam in Russia

PhD. Marina Kunovski
Head of Russian Language Department at PFUR – Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
“Language Testing and Migration: Integration Exam in Russia.”



Marina is Head of Russian Language Department #2 of Faculty of Russian Language and General Educational Disciplines at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University). She has worked in language education for nearly 20 years as a teacher of English and Russian as a foreign language and as the language examiner. She is the author of numerous articles devoted to the problems of teaching Russian as a foreign language to different target audiences, as well as language assessment problems and using language tests for migration purposes. Marina is a member of the language tests development team at RUDN University.






The idea of using language tests integration purposes has been discussed for the last 30 years. The tests for migrants have different names and content, depending on the integration strategy of the host country. There are different approaches to assessing the level of the language proficiency of migrants.

The workshop explores whether it is appropriate to use language tests for integration purposes, as the language tests results have important consequences both for the test takers and for the host society. The speaker will argue that language exams can facilitate the integration process as they have big educational potential. The example of the successful experience is the Integration Exam, which was introduced in Russia three years ago; it incorporates the Russian language, History and the Basics of Law and is the mandatory integration requirement for all the migrants coming to live and work in Russia.


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