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How are UK schools supporting migrant pupils that are new to English?

Elizabeth Mickiewicz
Academic Manager at Coventry University
“How are UK schools supporting migrant pupils that are new to English?”



Elizabeth Mickiewicz is currently working as an Academic Manager on a world languages programme at Coventry University. Prior to this, she worked as an Advisor, providing training and consultancy to schools catering for the needs of children learning English as an Additional Language. Her general teaching experience has focused on working with multilingual learners across all ages to develop their English language skills. Amongst these have been adults who have required language support to adapt to a life in a new country, understand its systems and gain employment, through to young children who have needed to simultaneously learn a new language and access a mainstream curriculum.






The UK welcomes a diverse range of migrant communities from countries across the globe. This includes economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. For many years, primary and secondary schools have faced the challenge of providing appropriate provision for the young bilinguals they educate. This workshop will highlight some of the linguistic and cultural barriers both the children and staff face, as they attempt to develop their pupils’ language and curriculum knowledge. It will give examples of good practice that is happening cross-phase in UK schools to better support practitioners, children and their families.


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