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The Multi-cultural Migrant: Migration, Education and Workplace Integration

Barry Tomalin
LSE (London School of Economics); Birkbeck College; University of London; ICC Board member
“The Multi-cultural Migrant: Migration, Education and Workplace Integration”



Barry Tomalin MA taught diplomats and members of International organisations at the London Academy of Diplomacy and the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance, Loughborough University London. He currently teaches at LSE and Birkbeck College, University of London. Barry is the joint Managing Editor of Training Language and Culture, the ICC quarterly academic journal and a member of Chatham House, the Royal Society of International Affairs.



Since 2016 and even earlier large numbers of migrants and their families arrived in Europe and have found or are searching for jobs in companies and organisations based in the different countries of the EU and beyond. In doing so they have to get used to different cultures both national and professional (of the organizations they work for) and the cultural expectations of co-workers from different backgrounds with different types and levels of experience. Many complain of difficulties of adaptation to managers’ and colleagues’ behaviour and use of language and both domestic and migrant workers experience problems leading to breakdowns in communication and productivity.

What support can educators give to job seekers to present themselves to best advantage in the job market and to those in work to adapt successfully to their environment?

This workshop demonstrates activities that trainers and learning and development managers can use to help migrants achieve success in the job finding and integration process. The activities use discussion, print and YouTube based materials based partly on EU and Council of Europe initiatives and discuss how they can best be employed to optimise the migrant contribution to their new nation’s economy as well as for their and their families’ benefit.


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