ICC conference posponed
due to corona virus.
8-10 May 16-18 October 2020

16-18 October 2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Keynote Speaker

Susanna Slivensky
Deputy Executive Director and Head of programmes, European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe

“Inspiring Innovation in Language Education”

Tamara Djordjevic
Language Policy Officer, FOUNDATION TEMPUS Republic of Serbia

“European language policy and initiatives: A brief overview.”


♦ Michael Carrier: “Innovation in language teaching: theory and best practice”

♦ Myriam Callus “Practical Session on BRAIN BREAKS” (60 Minutes)

♦ Barry TomalinLanguage and Employability: Gateway to Career Success” and suggested “Innovation in Business Cultural training”

♦ Sanela Sipragic Djokic “Using Elevator Pitch As A Presentation Technique In Business English”

♦ Emma Abbate “How to implement CLIL approach using the EU digital platforms Europeana and Go-Lab”

♦ Nick Gossett “Bridging the Gap: Creating an Assessment Program”

♦ Marijana Prodanovic “Testing the Untestable: Humanistic Approaches to the Modern-Era Language Testing”

♦ Elena Yakovleva, Ruben Agadzhanyan “Interactive FL teaching: project activities in context to digital innovations”

♦ Cinzia Marongiu “Role of Warm-up Activity in Language Classroom”

♦ Ellinor Haase “Behind every song there’s an untold story”

Elizabeth Mickiewicz “Using Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) in language Teaching”

♦ Ryan SandbergTheatre Improv Games for Receptive and Productive Skills”


♦ Nick Maras suggested on “Portfolio” (20-30 mins)

Poster Presentations

Rob Williams  “CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference

♦ Ifigenia Georgiadou “The EUROLTA Certification Experience”

♦ Tatjana Kovac “Awareness of Pragmatic Competence among English Language Learners in Serbia”

♦ Elisabeth FeiglSplendidly blended? Teacher-Development in Adult Education”

♦ Deborah Költzsch “Wasting Time Meaningfully – a Demystification of Lacking Concentration in the Classroom”

♦ Giuseppe Trotta “Teachers of Italian L2 for refugees and asylum-seekers as policy-makers”