2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Elena Yakovleva and Ruben Agadzhanyan

Interactive FL teaching: project activities in context to digital innovations

Modern FL teaching makes full use of interactive digital technology. Project activities call upon both students and teachers for exact factual knowledge, creative interpretation of interdisciplinary realia and expert fluency of thought. The presentation focuses on sample materials and their profile as well as draws on the practical experience of the authors’ teaching of English to learners of different levels of advancement.

Project activities are carried out on several stages which presuppose the ability to find and organize information, present it in a concise yet challenging format, show interdisciplinary connection between realia discussed and academic research results mentioned. Quality presentations reveal individual creative stylistics of the author or a group of presenters.

The part played by the teacher should not be confined to facilitaiting the process nor, should it consist in authoritative assessment of the results. Successful presentations are the result of the joint intellective effort making full use of the technical support offered by digital technology and classroom equipment.

The most revealing project activity results envolve materials popularly known as policode. The technical equipment of the student has undergone considerable upgrading which ousted most of the classical notation technologies and memory test methods to install computerized student-to-student study interaction and teacher-to-student motivating teaching mode. The paper includes sample analysis of materials and academic contexts in which they were used.


Elena Yakovleva, Dr. of Philology, Professor of the department of Theory and Practice of Foreign Languages, Institute of Foreign Languages, Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (RUDN). Currently involved in teaching English as well as in academic activity and research. Author and co-author of numerous academic publications in Russian and English on Methods of Teaching, Phonostylistics and Cross-cultural studies. Married, mother to an andult daughter, lives in Moscow, Russia.

Agadzhanyan Ruden, Teacher of English at State budget institutional education, School №166, Moscow, Russia. Currently involved in Teaching English to schoolchildren as well as in academic research. Author and co-author of academic publications.