2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Emma Abbate

How to implement CLIL approach using the EU digital platforms Europeana and Go-Lab

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is an approach to learn a subject’s content trough a target language: it is a proved powerful methodology to learn a foreign language together with subject’s content-specific vocabulary and to promote multilingualism in the classroom (1).

Europeana (2) is the European digital platform for cultural and scientific heritage launched by the European Commission in November 2008: it provides free access to a collection of over 50 million of digitised items – books, music, artworks and more- from around thousands of libraries, museums, archives and galleries across Europe.

Go-Lab (3) is a platform created thanks to a European collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission and aimed at free access to online/virtual laboratories (e.g. European Space Agency, European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia, University, etc.). The platform is an integral part of Scientix (4), the Community for the teaching of science in Europe.

In this paper, I will provide clear guidelines on how to use Europeana and Go-Lab at the secondary school level to plan and design CLIL tasks and lessons: the teacher will learn how to create their own learning scenario with the support of the above-mentioned platforms.

Hands-on ideas and practical examples will be given in order to implement interactive CLIL classes for innovative learning.

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  2. https://www.europeana.eu
  3. https://www.golabz.eu
  4. http://www.scientix.eu


I’m a former teacher of Latin – History- Art and Geography in English since 1998/9, specialised in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). I teach in Cambridge International IGCSE® High School Alessandro Manzoni (Caserta), I’m trainer and author of digital content and free-lance researcher.

I cooperate with the University of Naples L’ Orientale as an expert in CLIL Masters courses and I gained specific expertise in Erasmus+ project management as coordinator of several projects funded by the EU.

I hold a BA in Literature, Latin, History and Geography teaching, MA in e-Learning and CLIL and PhD in History (University Federico II-Naples).

I attended several master’s degrees in teaching methodology and use of ICT, a Specialization Master in teaching students with special needs at the secondary level and a Diploma for teaching Italian as a Foreign Language, both held by Orientale in Naples.

I have far-reaching experience in continuous Professional development for teachers, teacher trainers, Headteachers (e-learning courses, blended courses, on the job, workshops) in the Italian context and also in international communities of peers on CLIL, Language Teaching, Technology Enhanced Language Teaching (TELL).

I have presented papers at national and international conferences and published articles in peer-reviewed journals