2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Ifigenia Georgiadou

The EUROLTA Certification Experience

After ten years of being involved in the EUROLTA Certification process this poster presentation shows the integrated experience that the Greek EUROLTA Centre, the Hellenic Culture Centre – HCC, offers to its trainee teachers. Lively discussions, actively participating teachers, both new colleagues and experienced ones, exchange ideas through this programme that completes their education in teaching languages to adults. Many of them opened their professional horizons and busted their career. The programme offers new solutions through blended learning and supports teachers in gaining valuable knowledge and experience. Ifigenia will present new ideas how to organise a EUROLTA Teacher Training Programme at your language school and how to become a EUROLTA Centre.


Ifigenia Georgiadou is a language teacher, teacher trainer, writer, and consultant and works as the Director at the Hellenic Culture Centre  and as an evaluator – adult education expert for the National Organization for Certification of Adult Educators, for the National Agency for the Erasmus plus and other bodies in Greece and Cyprus. She is a philologist with a ΜΑ in Education and Human Rights, and 30 years of experience in education. Author of 5 books on language learning and teaching, as well as articles and research papers on teaching languages. Ifigenia is a certified EUROLTA Master Trainer. Coordinator of various research projects on education, at European and national level