2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Myriam Callus Fischer

Energizing Brain Breaks

Studies show that prolonged sitting is bad for concentration. Researchers support the idea that students perform better if they take frequent brain breaks – ideally every 25-30 minutes. Brain breaks are mental breaks designed to help students stay focused. These short activities keep the participants awake, increase motivation and can be adapted to different teaching styles. If the participants are restless and find it difficult to stay alert, get your students back on track with some energy boosters. Brain breaks reduce stress, increase productivity, boost brain function and strengthen emotional growth and social skills such as cooperation, responsibility and empathy. Come and join us and try out some of these energizers yourself


Myriam Fischer Callus was the Director of Language Studies at the Volkshochschule (adult education centre) in Aschaffenburg, Germany. She is an active teacher trainer and is the project manager of the EUROLTA (European Certificate in language teaching to adults) scheme in Bavaria. . She is a member of the German work group that developed and implemented the language portfolio for adults which was accredited by the Council of Europe in July 2006. She is a consultant for various publishing companies and has written several English course books for adults and teacher training material. She is an authorised examiner for the University of Cambridge and was the Cambridge Exams Manager for North Bavaria. She teaches refugees in Germany and has written a teacher training concept which has been accredited by the Ministry of Migration and Refugees. She trains the trainers and supports and coordinates the German classes in several communities. At the moment she is teaching German to Syrian refugees.  She has received an award for her commitment by the German Ministry of Family and Integration. She is an ICC Board member responsible for the development of EUROLTA.