2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Nick Gossett

Bridging the Gap: Creating an Assessment Program

Assessment is one of the most important aspects of the language learning process. Assessment should happen at numerous times, through various different methods. The move towards a proficiency-based student-centered classroom over the past three decades has caused many educators to rethink how we assess language learners. Modern problems require modern solutions, and a possible solution to the issue of language assessment is already in the hands of our language learners. This presentation examines the use of an e-portfolio platform with pre-loaded can-do statements to create an evidence-based self-assessment for a language class. The speaker will discuss how an e-portfolio can be used within a course curriculum to provide more spontaneous and authentic language evidence in order to move towards a more holistic approach to language assessment. He will provide steps for incorporating the e-portfolio in a class and steps for creating tasks to go with CEFR standards. The presenter will discuss how the e-portfolio plays a role in a larger assessment plan for classes and for the overall assessing of language programs. Educators of all languages will find the information useful for their students.


Nick Gossett, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Russian at the University of South Alabama where he is the Russian language program director, the director of the Language Resource Center, the director of the South Alabama Language Institute, and the coordinator of the minor in Applied Linguistics. He received his BA in History and Russian from the University of South Alabama, and both his MA in Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian studies and his PhD in Applied Slavic Linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Gossett has led numerous trips abroad to Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. Besides Russian language and culture, Dr. Gossett is a specialist in both formative and summative assessment. Dr. Gossett served on the Alabama State Board of Education Course of Study Committee for World Languages, is the President of the Alabama World Languages Education Foundation, the Advocacy Chair of the Alabama World Languages Association, as well as the IALLT representative to ACTFL. Aside from Russian, Dr. Gossett speaks BCS and Czech