2020 – 27th Annual Conference, Belgrade

Speakers, Presentations & Workshops

Sanela Sipragic Djokic

Using Elevator Pitch As A Presentation Technique In Business English

This workshop aims at analyzing elevator pitch as a form of self-presentation skill. An elevator pitch can be described as a quick synopsis of students’ background and experience used to boost their motivation and to present their own competence at business interviews creating authentic and relevant teaching material at the same time. Elevator pitch presentations analyzed in this paper provide opportunities for different kinds of assessment including self-assessment, peer-assessment and teacher’s assessment.
A case study analyzed in this workshop is based on students’ elevator pitch presentations done with the second year students at Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance and Finance of Union University in Belgrade who attended the course in Business English. Qualitative analysis was conducted, accompanied by teacher’s observation, students’ discussions and data obtained from peer-assessment forms.
Moreover, the results are discussed so as to outline presentation framework and its development in terms of its application in courses designed for students of banking and finance. The paper further justifies the idea that successful implementation of soft skills in LSP courses boosts motivation among students and encourages them to take more responsibility towards fulfilling course objectives.


Sanela Sipragic Djokic teaches English at Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance and Finance of Union University in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She is the author of Serbian-English, English-Serbian Dictionary of Management (2006), English for banking and finance, a textbook for students (2017), as well as a number of papers presented at several international conferences. She is interested in applied linguistics, cultural issues in teaching English, assessment, lexicography and Business English. Since 2007 she holds First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE) from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Association for the Development of Education to prepare, design and conduct Business English courses. She is a member of several professional associations.