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21th ICC-Annual Conference 2014, Mainz

Language, Learning and the Brain - Erbacher Hof, Mainz 26th & 27th April 2014

Not surprisingly with this kind of title, the conference gave everyone who came food for thought. We all know that learning happens best in a positive collaborative atmosphere, where we are asked to engage with ideas and with those around us. This was established from the outset, with a hugely entertaining keynote from Professor Marion Grein, and continued through to the final debate with all the theatre of the British parliamentary tradition. Delegates were shown practical ideas for the classroom, treated to a fascinating demonstration by Professor Margarete Imhof of how much we make up what we have heard, and encouraged through a world café event to apply everything to their own professional context. There was even a special conference song!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a memorable event!

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Congratulations to you and the colleagues on the well-organized conference!
- Tanja (St. Nicolas School, Serbia)

The right balance between humour and serious discussions so that we could learn in optimal conditions

The 2 key speakers were excellent - keeping to the theme of the conference with their presentations, clear explanations and real life examples

Sehr gute, persönliche Organisation


I had a great weekend filled with good networking, great workshops and a nice atmosphere – probably the best ICC-conference I joined in my five years as member of the ICC.
Christoph (Studie Skolen, Denmark)

Es war meine bisher angenehmste, schönste und lustigste Tagung in Deutschland!
- Marion Grein, JGU Mainz

Learning a lot from the other participants

Very good atmosphere

Food for thought!

It started with a funny little sketch, "just to set the tone", as Anthony Fitzpatrick told me on the second day, and succeeded in giving everybody the feeling he or she was at the right place, at the right time!

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