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23rd ICC Annual Conference - Announcement

The 21st Century Language Teacher in
Adult, Continuing and Higher Education

27/28 May 2016
Erbacher Hof, Mainz, Germany


Last year, delegates at the ICC 2015 conference on “Languages at Work 2020: Linking proven and successful approaches to language learning / teaching with innovative technology and the social media.” looked into the crystal ball, and outlined the challenges and trends they anticipated in the field of language learning and language teaching.

This year, the ICC language conference returns to Mainz and will concentrate on the key factor in language learning in institutional contexts: the teacher.

Our 2016 event will engage delegates in activities and discussions on the role or roles teachers now have to fulfil, the kind of profile they need to have, and the qualifications and training that can equip them for their task. Through sharing ideas and experience, we can all enlarge our concept of what makes a successful and empathetic teacher in post secondary language education.

The integration of Refugees and other Migrants:
Teaching the language and culture of the host society

A round table discussion on the provision of language learning opportunities for refugees and migrants is planned, at which proposals for the training of volunteers from outside the teaching profession will be discussed. In this context, we will pay particular attention to the provision of vocationally and professionally oriented language teaching (VOLL & POLL) and the danger of “deprofessionalisation” in the provision of language tuition in this field. Delegates are invited to (re)visit the ICC website entries devoted to EUROLTA and EUROVOLT by way of preparation.


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