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Language, culture and influence - How language and culture training supports national profile Workshop


To what extent nowadays does the language we speak identify us culturally? What, if any, is the impact of electronic delivery of language on intercultural awareness and understanding and? To what extent does learning a language mean learning to identify with a particular culture or cultures? And to what extent does language knowledge influence us in favour or against native speakers and the places where the language is spoken? ‘Soft Power’, ‘Nation Brand’ and ‘Place Brand’ are terms coined by Joseph Nye and Simon Anholt to identify policies and practices that ‘win hearts and minds’ and create identity with a particular country or city to encourage exports, tourism, direct inward investment and raise international profile. To what extent is learning a language one of these instruments and can we measure its impact?


PRESENTER Barry Tomalin MA

Barry is an ICC Board Member and joint Managing Editor of ICC’s flagship peer-reviewed academic journal, Training Language and Culture (TLC). He is visiting Lecturer at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London and co- author of ‘World Business Cultures –a Handbook 3rd Edition’ (Thorogood Pubblishing 2014) and ‘Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and practice’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2013)


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