EUROLTA Experiences

EUROLTA – A World Tour Inside Coventry University

EUROLTA* – A world tour inside Coventry University?  Well, this is how one of the recent trainees described the culturally enriching experience they had when completing their initial teacher training.  Linguae Mundi, Coventry University’s innovative language programme, has been transformed since becoming an accredited EUROLTA centre.

Four years ago, Linguae Mundi already had 17 languages on offer.  This number has now grown to a staggering 33.  These include some of the more popular European languages, such as Spanish, French and German to languages from further afield, such as Swahili, Tagalog and Arabic.  The diversity can be attributed to the fact that Linguae Mundi can recruit native speakers from any linguistic background and train them to teach utilising fun, Communicative methodology.

Linguae Mundi has now become a community where languages and cultures are embraced and celebrated.  Those involved in both teaching and learning encompass university staff, students and individuals from the local area. Indeed, recent figures show that more than 2,500 learners register annually for classes in addition to their main course of study.  The programme also facilitates participation in other university programmes, such as Erasmus – study and work abroad.  This is in addition to developing a higher calibre of graduates, who have gained transferable skills that can be utilised in a number of professional contexts.  To quote another trainee:

“At a personal level this program allowed me to meet people from various backgrounds and origins and learn about their cultures and socialise out of my comfort zone, which is critical in a multi-cultural society where we need to interact and work with various people.”

*EUROLTA is the European certificate in Language Teaching to Adults and is the initial teacher training programme offered by the ICC – International Certificate Conference Languages (  After successfully completing the course, participants are equipped to teach any language they are proficient in.

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