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Membership is open to educational institutions, professional associations / organisations, producers and distributors of products and services in the field of language training and publishers. The ICC is currently building up a network of institutes of higher education (Universities of Applied Sciences and similar institutes).

Membership in the ICC means:

Access to and active participation in the development of national and European projects: e.g.

  • Accreditation of teacher training courses at a European level
  • Quality assurance of training procedures, programmes and materials
  • Validation of language competence / certification of skills
  • Curriculum development for vocationally oriented language learning and teaching

Active representation for Adult Education and Vocationally Oriented Language Learning and Teaching at:

  • the Council of Europe
  • the European Commission

Benefiting from the fruits of co-operation by:

  • being closely associated with the development of products and services
  • participating directly in a lively network of training offered by member organisations
  • labelling and validating products and services at a European level

The rights and duties of member organisations are laid out in the Articles of Association.

Articles of Associations and Application Forms are to be found under Fees & Conditions

Please do not hesitate to contact the Head office should you have any further queries.


The ICC very much looks forward to receiving your feedback.

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