For the attention of the project teams, associate partners, dissemination partners and participants of the ECML programme “Languages at the heart of learning” (2016-2019)

We are pleased to inform you that the latest ECML publication, Changing contexts, evolving competences: 25 years of inspiring innovation in language education, is available for free download in English and French on the ECML website. This publication celebrates a momentous stage in the history of the European Centre for Modern Languages: its 25th anniversary. Its central aims are to review and showcase the achievements of the ECML, as reflected in its many projects and publications, and to put its achievements in the context of the broader work of the Council of Europe, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. It includes contributions from international experts working at the cutting edge of language education as well as stakeholders responsible for supporting and implementing the outcomes of ECML projects.

The publication is divided into four sections:

  1. Section A: Milestones in inspiring innovation provides a detailed account of the development of the ECML over its first 25 years, and indicates how its activities are located within the work of Council of Europe as a whole and work in tandem with it respond to ongoing societal changes. Further it charts how the nature of its projects is continually changing to keep step with ongoing societal changes in which language education is embedded.
  2. Section B: Evolving competences provides a discussion of the nine thematic areas which are at the core of the work of the ECML. It outlines how the work of the ECML has contributed to the development of these themes and possible directions for future development.
  3. Section C: Impact and networks considers, on the one hand, how the work of the ECML has impacted on language education in member states (Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia), and on the other, how Europe-wide co-operation and partnerships between the ECML and other political and professional bodies have enhanced work in this field and optimised common resources.
  4. The Conclusion, 25 years of success: a solid base for the future, provides a preview of the new ECML programme “Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences” (2020-2023) and discusses how the enduring underlying principles of the Council of Europe will be channelled into innovative directions.

We hope that you find this resource valuable in your professional context and would be most grateful if you distribute the attached flyer to colleagues and networks likely to be interested.

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With our best wishes,
The European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe