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In December 2011 the Euroversity project commenced. Euroversity is a project funded under the Transversal strand of the Lifelong Learning Programme (provided by the EUROPEAN Commission).

The project involves nineteen partners from ten countries, in the development of an advanced network of experienced practitioners in virtual world education delivery. The expressed aim of this network is in helping organisations and individual lecturers in getting started with virtual worlds from a platform of good practice and identified support tools.

The network will learn from the experiences of partners within the group of organisations involved, pool together knowledge and resources from previous projects, and create guidance to other practitioners on good practice implementation of courses within virutal worlds (in the form of a good practice framework). It also aims to evaluate the impact of established good practice through evaluation within partner organisations and other interested parties from outside the consortium. This evaluation will take place across multiple learner stages of the learning continuum (lower and higher education) and contexts.


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