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The project PICT, which stands for Promoting Intercultural Competence in Translators, should be of great interest and benefit for all ICC member organizations from the university sector. The project, which st arted in January 2011 and was completed in summer 2013, aims to provide a toolkit to enable institutions in higher education that offer postgraduate courses in Translation to introduce and integrate aspects of intercultural competence.

The project partners came from Finland, France, Bulgaria, Poland and Italy and was coordinated by the University of Westminster. The ICC’s role was in the area of dissemination.

ICC member organizations should be particularly interested in the pedagogical and assessment materials that are available free of charge on the website ( The pedagogical materials include a number of papers offering background details and classroom materials, for example “Critical Incidents” – Session Plan”, “The Iceberg Theory – Session Plan and Student Worksheet”, Among the Assessment Materials, the “CV Assessment”, “Analyzing Intercultural Relations and Deciding How to Act” or “PICT Assessment Negotiation Manual and Commentary” or even “Comparing Microsoft Guidelines for different Languages – Session Plan should be of particular interest.


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