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Mentors Activiate European Language Portfolio through Multimendia

The goal of the project “Mentors Activate European Language Portfolio through Multimedia”(ActivELP) was to stimulate practical use of the European Language Portfolio (ELP). The ELP was developed and piloted by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe. Many specific ELPs have been developed covering different types of learners and different languages. The aim of this tool is to encourage plurilingualism, multilingualism, to motivate and facilitate language learning.

The ActivELP project proposed two channels: mentoring and multimedia. Multimedia tools will ensure the access to the ELP by groups and individual learners allowing to practice the ELP through interaction. Mentoring will enable us to reach teachers in different education sectors, and to pass on practical skills of using ELP through multimedia.

The specific aims of ActivELP project were

  • to develop a training program for language teachers “ELP in Language Teaching through Multimedia” and mentoring guidelines for implementation of this program;
  • to train a group of language teachers-mentors from all EU countries;
  • to test the training program for use of the ELP by language teachers.

The consortium involved partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Turkey who have developed and worked with different types of ELPs; These partners are well experienced in the use of ICT tools in language teaching and learning, they are experienced in teacher mentoring and they represent different types of learners.

As part of the needs analysis to develop the teacher training programme, project partners have developed a questionnaire for language teachers. Questionnaire ActivELP


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