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Winner of Helsinki Awards 2006

Great news from Boian Savtchev, ECET Bulgaria, ICC Treasurer and Coordinator of the Linguapeace Europe Project (LPE). The LPE has received one of the 10 'Helsinki Awards 2006' for best practice. The ICC- The European Language Network had a central role in this project, being responsible for the design and delivery of the European Language Portfolio designed for peacekeeping English. The prize was announced at the meeting of the European ministers by the EU Commissioner Ján Figel and the Finnish Minister of Education and Science Antti Kalliomäki, who presented the awards on 4 December, and the 10 awarded projects were then presented at the Conference "From Copenhagen to Helsinki" held on 5 December 2006 in Helsinki, Finland, which supplemented the Ministerial Meeting. The project is also included in the Best Practice Projects Compendium (2000-2006), a special publication of the European Commission. More info can be found at

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