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About us

The ICC - the international language association e.V. is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with participatory status at the Council of Europe. ICC sets standards for a transnational network of language learners.

The ICC - the international language association provides foreign languages teaching and learning with exchange of ideas and know how

  • proven expertise in projects
  • quality assurance
  • networking
  • an independent voice
  • theory and practice combined
  • personal development

The ICC is an international association with local impact representing the field of language learning and teaching

  • at a local level through individuals and institutions
  • at a regional level through networks of members
  • at a national level through the involvement of our member organisations in national initiatives and government committees, and
  • at an international level through activities and representations at the European Commission and Council of Europe and other supra-national bodies

The ICC promotes quality in foreign language learning and teaching by

  • certifying progress and achievement in language acquisition
  • certifying teachers’ competence to teach
  • assuring the quality of courses offered
  • offering guidelines for the evaluation of teaching institutions, and
  • providing criteria for the evaluation of teaching materials and courses

As a marketplace for ideas, projects, teachers and courses, the ICC promotes and encourages research and development in language teaching by working together.


The ICC very much looks forward to receiving your feedback.

Please feel free to contact us via our feedback form

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ICC - the international language association

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