European Certificate in
Language Teaching to Adults

What is it?

EUROLTA is an internationally recognized teacher training program to train you to teach languages using up to date methodologies.

Why take it?

  • To gain the skills and knowledge you need as a language teacher.
  • To make you a more confident and more competent language teacher.
  • To enhance your employment prospects.

Who can take it?

EUROLTA Certificate is designed for

  • People with no or little language teaching experience
  • Language teachers who feel they need to upgrade their practical skills

EUROLTA Diploma is designed for

  • Teachers with at least three years’ teaching experience at different levels

What makes it different?

EUROLTA is open to teachers of any language.

EUROLTA recognizes the different educational environments that professionals work in.

EUROLTA is based on sound educational principles that apply to all environments

What kinds of courses are there?

Depending on the centre EUROLTA offers face to face, blended learning or distance courses.

There is also an individual mentoring version of the scheme for practising teachers.

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EUROLTA Benefits

For Language Teachers

  • Practical and flexible training related to the trainee´s own teaching context
  • A qualification open to teachers of all languages
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Programmes that are based on the principles of the Common European Framework of reference for Languages (Council of Europe)
  • A learner-centred methodology based on reflection on one´s own practice
  • An internationally recognized and monitored qualification

For training institutions and language schools the scheme offers

  • Training and a qualification for teachers of languages without any other locally available scheme
  • Internationally validated quality assurance with regard to teacher qualification

What is the EUROLTA Certificate?

It is a certificate developed, issued and recognised by the ICC, a network of leading institutions of adult education in Europe and around the world.

The EUROLTA Certificate is awarded to people who are professionals in the demanding field of teaching languages to adults.

If you hold a EUROLTA Certificate you have demonstrated that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, teach and evaluate your language classes within your institutional context:

  • you can adapt your institution’s course programme to meet the collective and individual needs and preferences of your group
  • you can select and adapt from the teaching materials available
  • you command a wide range of teaching skills and techniques and you can apply these appropriately in your teaching context to the learning preferences of your learners and their cultural background
  • you are guided by a well grounded understanding of language and language acquisition; in particular, you are familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Teaching, Learning, Assessment (CEFR) and its model for describing communicative competence
  • you have also demonstrated a professional self-awareness that enables you to plan and achieve your further professional development

Training Content

  • Language and Culture: what exactly do we teach?
  • Language Learning: how do our learners learn’
  • Language Teaching: how can we best help our learners to learn?
  • Planning and Evaluation: how can we best plan and assess our teaching?
  • Self-Assessment and Development : how can we best improve our competence as language teachers?

Documented achievement

The EUROLTA training programmes offered under this scheme reflect a modern approach to language teaching and teacher training. A dossier, recording progress throughout the training, reflection on increasing competence and overall achievement in foreign language teaching to adults forms the basis of the assessment.