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The International Certificate Conference (ICC) is a non-profit-organisation whose aim is to promote and improve the learning and teaching of languages in adult education.


Membership of the ICC is open to language teaching institutions and individuals. Members receive discounted fees for the ICC Conference and access to the EUROLTA training scheme.

ICC Conference

This year’s ICC Conference was in Berlin, Germany at the European Academy, from May 03-05 2019. Details can be found here.


EUROLTA is an internationally recognized teacher training program to train you to teach languages using up to date methodologies.

ICC Journal

ISSN 2747-9862

ICC-Languages online academic journal for practising teachers.
Published three times a year and available on icc-languages.eu/ICCjournal.

YOUR CHANCE to publish your thoughts and ideas on language and teacher training, linguistics, culture and assessment. Contact barrytomalin@aol.com.





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