EUROLTA Testimonials

The training helped me to understand how to deal with different needs, and how people perceive information. Learning that helped me a lot through my life not just my academic life with the learners, but with general situations. The workshops were always active and what made it very special for me that there was always something to do, and the same information was presented in several ways to make sure that everyone will understand it.

 Amrou Saalan, Arabic

EUROLTA has offered me the chance to teach foreign language students at different levels – something that I wouldn’t have been able to do at such a young age!  The training offered me an insight into all the different things it takes to be a teacher, which I’ve learnt a lot from. It has really developed my confidence.

Sofia Meniai, English

Training through the EUROLTA programme is something I would recommend to everyone.
I completed the training and only got good things out of it.

When you train, you will get the chance to be among a highly diverse group of interesting people, who have in common the passion for sharing their native language and culture with others.  During the training you will get involved in thought provoking conversations, ranging from language teaching aspects, to the managing of interpersonal situations at all levels, up to challenging our own deeply-rooted world views.

It will be an extra piece added to the puzzle that is your personal growth journey.

If you are considering teaching, or simply doing something different, it’s a no-brainer: do it.

Marco Barbi, Italian

I was so delighted to get the chance to take part in the training for EUROLTA as a Mandarin tutor.  This training helped me understand more about the theories behind the teaching, and it opened my mind on the varieties of teaching methods and activities that I could apply in my class. Besides, on the second stage of the training, I had the chance to observe other tutors teaching, receive guidance from my supervisor and feedback from other tutors on my teaching.  This really helped to further improve my teaching quality.

Jun Xu, Chinese (Mandarin)

EUROLTA was and remains a great enrichment for me. I cannot imagine a better possibility of further training in foreign language teaching. I learned a lot and acquired a lot of new skills. The valuable tips and impulses have helped me to keep my lessons more varied and lively. I was able to put what I had learnt into practice.

Working in such an international circle of teachers and with a great, experienced and professional team of trainers was simply great. I looked forward to every Eurolta seminar day. The trainers always motivated us teachers – We learnt with movement and creativity and every module was simply fun. The focus on methodology and didactics were important pillars that accompanied us continuously. To reflect about oneself now comes automatically.  I now feel very motivated to teach.

EUROLTA means life long learning. Thanks to the trainer team for the great time.

Christina Markert-Lindor, Germany

I really enjoyed taking part in the Eurolta training. It was a unique experience, and I specifically appreciated the fact that the instructor was so eager to share her profound knowledge with all the trainees, in order to make us better in what we love, teaching.  

Kalliopi Rapti, Greece

With EUROLTA training I enriched my knowledge and techniques in teaching to refugees and immigrants. I was also given the opportunity to meet teachers with the same attitude and concerns, who work in the field, and to share ideas and methods for teaching.

Kostas Korozis, Greece